Industry Recognized

I entered the start up space after studying enterprise level entrepreneurship and developing relationships with angel investors and venture capitalist. The journey began 2003/2004 in one the more popular places for small business owners; Atlanta, Ga. Many will say the space for Starts Ups has grown significantly with emerging technology. 

Photography by Wil Sterling

My first venture was a successful fail in that I was able to build, document, and pitch without a reasonable MVP ( minimum viable product). For this reason it made realizing financing impossible and put me on a different path. One that I and many find to be invaluable. After years of recovery and expanded industry experience I've found myself back in the market with more to offer. This has allowed me the chance to gain deep understanding of business development, branding, and financing. My industries include tech, publishing, media, fashion, film, and eCommerce. 


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In order to successfully get funded we understand there must be a MVP and a Pitch Deck. If you are a qualified investor/firm or reporter feel free to get in touch we'll be more than happy to send over our materials.