Style 601 Agency Partnership Memo

Niche Film+Fashion brand Style 601 partners with data providers to form agency of record.

Media and Apparel industries have long had synergies that amount to massive marketing campaigns and serious ad spend. But who drives those campaigns and provides the data along with targeted placement in media? Today we largely use technology to fuel our decision making.

Style 601's branding and editorial structure has created a pivotal position to expand its capabilities and capacities to include a newly developed platform for record keeping with the four major data providers as its anchor.

Style 601's objective is to see its efforts in development and SMB support on the Gulf Coast become more modernized by providing official documentation to data providers so that those business experience the solidarity that comes with official information across a magnitude of credible sources. We believe this type of record keeping will keep businesses reputable, help businesses and consumers build better relationships through clear communication, insuring they get the most accurate information to the market.

10 years post Katrina on the Gulf Coast we've found that with the goal of increased economic development it is just important to provide the necessary support and framework for any new development to realize long term success.

Style 601's introduction of its new platform with HARBORSIDE COMMERCIAL GROUP will focus on the support and development of key projects in Retailing, Restaurants, and Real Estate. HARBORSIDE COMMERCIAL GROUP's Agency of Record status is contingent upon the completion of partner agreements.

Style 601 in conjunction with HARBORSIDE COMMERCIAL GROUP is set to provide superior branding for its digital clients across the web and social channels with proven credibility.

As a registered agency HARBORSIDE COMMERCIAL GROUP will realize strategic positioning for ithe development and creation of its own ventures within its concentrated sectors.

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