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About Cedric Armand

"Cedric Armand" Lofton, Screenwriter, Supermodel, and Producer, was born in Coahoma, Mississippi the region known as the Delta. While this historical region is known for being the most "southern" place in the world; Cedric Armand has managed to find opportunities to overcome. As a youth creativity and athleticism led him to be scouted by Syracuse University's Head Basketball Coach Jim Boehiem while attending Biloxi High School. A lack of high school athletic support led him to be under recruited and found himself searching for a college home transferring amongst several schools where a passion for technology developed. 

He turned his hard work into more opportunities gaining interest from top companies like Apple and The Home Depot. 

The Great Recession left little room for career advancement and Cedric Armand's creative inspiration helped him stay motivated before being scouted as a model and later being described as a "Celebrity Supermodel" by Next Model Management Miami. 




Cedric Armand's fashion endeavors include small film credits with Tyler Perry and Oscar Nominated Jason Rietman. Reading for several roles including Ernie Davis from The Express gave Cedric Armand just enough experience to pick up screenwriting and eventually develop projects where he has been accepted for project placement with Hollywood Attorney and Former Sr. Litigator for Disney and Miramax, John J. Tormey III "JT III". 

Personal legal matters (civil) delayed film development but only to find Lofton requested by BCBGMAXAZRIA to expand his fashion experience by completing several seasons as a stylist at an Atlanta boutique location. 

Cedric Armand continues to develop projects and in the process founded a niche film and fashion media brand Style 601. Style 601 is industry recognized by the likes of Sport's Illustrated Swim Daily, Victoria Secret, celebrity stylist, designers, and more. 


FUn Facts

Studied Wu Shu, Loves BattleBots


Heights 6ft. 1in.; Waist 35; Inseam 33; Chest 42in.; Hair Blk; Eyes Br;


Swimming, Dancing, Writing, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Blogging, Producing, Photography,

I also have a small knack for branding and business structure that's included in the Start-Up section.



What do you look for from a creative, a leader, or success? Is it talent? Drive? Perseverance? 

There a reasonable amount of all three in most artists' projects and just about any endeavor worth accomplishing. We won't dwell on the challenges or talent but instead hope to create the right relationships that help take us and our projects to the next level. 

That's why I believe I've been able to continue to grow, create, and influence. With each success there is a building block and opportunity be more valuable for the next relationship. Our projects are just as important for me but even more for those I get to work with because I want to help provide that distinguishing factor; what ever that may be. 

Most of my projects are self developed with some sort of theme or talent construct. But if you check out my blog you may find some personal creative energy that may help you get to know me better. 

I also have a small knack for branding and business structure that's included in the Start-Up section. That's an entirely different story in itself. I hope you find everything you need. 

Thanks for stopping by feel to reach out!



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